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I'll start with yesterday. We had some nice visigoths (contractors) in to repair the grout in the bathroom before we lose the subfloor again, and add the tile to the toilet area in the upstairs bathroom. One of my co-workers has a tile laying out of work husband, They work cheep!

The cats regard visigoths as not even optional, and the sound of grout being removed for 5 hours? Cats, what cats?

Today Karl stayed home with the visigoths, who seem to have replaced the 4 tiles that needed it on the floor and done the grout downstairs, and cleaned quite well. Upstairs is dry and ready for tile. This means that for now we have to use just the one bathroom, and not walk on the new tile! but it looks SO much better! I'm looking forward to the upstairs! Cant' afford this, but can't afford to replace subfloor either... so...this is cheaper. I keep repeating that to myself! Also- no more trying to scrub cracked grout! Also- new grout is cordovan! Yay! no more white grout on the floor! Take THAT cat hair drifts!

Erika and I headed up to Ptld. We went to Mill ends for many things, and got none of them. They can't get rug wool right now, and the woolen mill is closed on Sundays. They had some linen in the colour Josh needs, but it was kinda loose weave for the purpose. they had no black twill tape in one inch. Orange, yellow.... Grian- they have LOTS of what you want, in the 12-20 buck a yard area, but they have like 20 types of em, so.... also might be cheaper online. I think I have what you want for your bodice upstairs. Price is right anyhoo!

Then we went to Curate Shakespeare, As You Like It, at the Lakewood theater. (free tickets rock!) it was HYSTERICALLY funny! Clever script, and good acting. Very fun!

Home now and doing my daily romp through job sites. I'm thinking of moving into HR. hmmm...
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